Monday, September 14, 2009

Fundraiser sought for India Dhamma work

Fundraiser sought
for India Dhamma work

The India Dhamma Trust is a brand-new FWBO charity that's being established specifically to support TBMSG’s Dhamma work in India by raising money from the world-wide FWBO.

Phase 1 of the project, which is ambitious but achievable, is to raise up to £75,000/year, if possible in the next 18 months; this will be used to support those working for the men's and women's Ordination Processes, Public preceptors, Mitra Convenors, and Order Office: around 20 of the core Dhamma workers in India plus their associated expenses.

The need for the Trust has arisen because the Karuna Trust have decided that they cannot continue to use funds raised from the general public to fund Dhamma work that exclusively benefits TBMSG (Karuna will be using these funds to support other Dhamma work). The Trust is also needed to provide concentrated attention on the spread of the Dhamma in India.

Having successfully raised £14,000 in pledges over the Order Conventions towards the costs of the Appeal, the India Dhamma Trust is now seeking to employ a Fundraiser to develop and implement a fundraising strategy in conjunction with the Trustees.

What we're looking for
We’re looking for an experienced and enthusiastic fundraiser who’s aspiring to make a real contribution to the Order; both in India through the ‘Dhamma Revolution’ there and by inspiring the wider Movement..

The position requires drive and enthusiasm, as well as an ability to be self-motivated and work across a number of different projects at once and, to a large extent, individually. It requires someone who able to produce accurate and creative written work, as well speaking to audiences in a way that inspires and motivates them to contribute.

It is also important to be well-informed about the movement in the West, and passionate about the Dhamma and its significance as a socially transformative force within India and beyond.

It is envisaged that the job will be 3 days per week, for an initial duration of 2 years (with a 6-month review). Support levels will be negotiated. Training in fundraising methodologies can be arranged, if required. It is not necessary to be an Order Member.

Since the Trust is new and the candidate will largely be developing the workload from scratch there is scope for the number of days per week to expand beyond the 3 days per week envisaged, depending of course on income brought in.

The Fundraiser will be supported by the India Dhamma Trust Trustees, plus others who have offered support of various kinds.

How to apply
For a full job description and an application form, please contact Ananta ( or Lokabandhu (

If you'd like to speak about it with someone, please call either Ananta on 0207 7003434; or Priyananda on 01223 570306; or Lokabandhu on 01458 835057.

The deadline for applications is 6th November 2009. Please send them to Ananta. Interviews will take place in mid to late November in London or Cambridge. The Interview Panel will consist of Ananta, Padmadaka, and Priyananda, plus others to be confirmed.

It is hoped the Fundraiser will start work as soon as possible thereafter.

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