Friday, January 01, 2010

An invitation - and a challenge - from the Karuna Trust fundraising team

Khemajala, a fundraiser at the Karuna Trust, writes with an invitation - and a challenge - for all men reading FWBO News. He says -

"Would you like to live a truly meaningful and memorable year as part of a Karuna Men's Fundraising Community?

"On 29 September 2006, in Khairlanji village, central India, Surekha Bhotmange, her daughter Priyanka and her two sons, Roshan and Sudhir were dragged from their home by a mob, stripped naked, paraded through their village, beaten to death, and their bodied dumped in a nearby canal.

 Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange, the father of the family (photo opposite), escaped by lucky chance. The details of this caste-based crime are sickening, and the hatred behind it is difficult to comprehend but the viciousness is typical of many crimes committed against lower caste people in India every day.

"Most of these crimes are invisible, but this atrocity came to light through Dalit campaigns and became an international news story. The Manuski project, led by members of TBMSG (the Indian equivalent of the FWBO), and supported by Karuna, played an important part in making that happen.

"Could you tell Bhaiyyalal’s story? You could give Dalit people such as Bhaiyyalal a voice and help them escape the suffering caused by caste discrimination.

"How? Live a truly meaningful and memorable year as part of a Karuna Men’s Fundraising Community

"From September 2010 to August 2011, Karuna will be pioneering the first team of Karuna Appeal fundraisers who will come together for a year to live and work together as a community of fundraisers.

"We need a team of four or more men.

"What we’re offering:

• Community living based in London
• Blocks of 6 weeks fundraising followed by at least one week off
• A total of 10 weeks leaves including a trip to India and time for retreats
• Training in Fundraising as a spiritual practice
• A comprehensive support package
• Led by Jayaraja

"For more information -
Contact Khemajala
Phone 0207 697 3004

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Karuna Trust seeks Programmes Manager

Karuna would like to recruit a Programmes Manager.

The role involves the development and management of Karuna's work in India. This involves overseeing and developing a programme of work that will empower the dalit community in India. This will involve individual and social transformation.

The candidate will need to be able to work effectively with the movement in India and with other partner organisations. The ideal candidate would be a mitra or order member with an international development qualification and experience of international development.  However if the candidate has transferable skills and the willingness to obtain a professional qualification Karuna would fund appropriate training.

The role will involve -

1. Reading and responding to written project funding applications
2. Participating in implementing Project Based Funding for the movement projects
3. Managing relationships with partners. The partners are often Indian order members from the Dalit community
4. Understanding and providing appropriate feedback on finance and monitoring reports
5. Capacity building of the movement trusts and other organisations and individuals so that they can run effective social work projects
6. Developing proposals that will secure institutional funding
7. Liaison with donors
8. Managing change

The successful applicant will have -
  1. International development qualification or a willingness and ability to obtain a qualification
  2. Experience of international development or a related field
  3. Commitment to FWBO
  4. Benefit from and contribute to TBRL.
  5. Experience of developing and managing budgets
  6. Good interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate across cultures
  7. Good Team worker
  8. Ability to understand and critically assess written funding proposals
  9. Experience and understanding of Monitoring and evaluation
  10. Experience and understanding of Capacity building
  11. A commitment to Diversity and to addressing discrimination
Closing date 1st December. Interviews early December.

For an informal discussion please contact John Griffin or on 0207 700 3434.
For an application form, person spec and job description contact Dh Chandrasuryapradipa

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Karuna seeks fundraisers for 2010: India needs you!

The Karuna Trust is the FWBO's principle fundraising charity, sending well over £1m/year to India to fund a wide range of social and Dhamma projects. They're seeking volunteer fundraisers for 2010.

Amalavajra says -

"If you feel strongly about helping India’s Dalit community to escape the hell of caste, then please do consider giving some of your time next year to fundraise for Karuna, or encourage your friends to do so. We offer financial support. Here is our 2010 fundraising programme:

Door to Door Appeals
Spring Men's 6th Feb - 20th March Nottingham
Spring Women's 20th March – 1st May Brighton
Summer Men's 29th May – 24th July Edinburgh
Autumn Women's 4th Sep – 16th Oct Birmingham

Telephone Campaigns (Mixed, London-based)
11th Jan – 19th Feb
19th April – 28th May
25th Oct – 3rd Dec

12 month appeal community with Jayaraja (For men, London)
Try out TBRL and community living for a year: Sep 2010 – Aug 2011

Please contact me at if you feel strongly about helping India’s Dalit community to escape the hell of caste, then please do consider giving some of your time next year to fundraise for Karuna, or encourage your friends to do so. We offer financial support. Here is our 2010 fundraising programme:

Door to Door Appeals

Spring Men's 6th Feb - 20th March Nottingham
Spring Women's 20th March – 1st May Brighton
Summer Men's 29th May – 24th July Edinburgh
Autumn Women's 4th Sep – 16th Oct Birmingham

Telephone Campaigns (Mixed, London-based)

11th Jan – 19th Feb
19th April – 28th May
25th Oct – 3rd Dec

12 month appeal community with Jayaraja (For men, London)

Try out TBRL and community living for a year: Sep 2010 – Aug 2011

Please contact me at or 0044 (0)207 7700 3434, or visit
or 0044 (0)207 7700 3434, or visit

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three new opportunities at the Karuna Trust

Since 1980 the FWBO's Karuna Trust has been initiating social work and Dharma projects amongst some of India's poorest and most disadvantaged communities. The majority of funding for this work comes from thousands of individuals across the UK who, having met with a Karuna fundraiser, have taken the decision to contribute money to Karuna regularly by standing order. Jo, who works there, writes with news of no less than 3 new opportunities to contribute to Karuna's work. She says -

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about some new opportunities at Karuna...

Phone for Karuna…

Oct 19th – Dec 4th (4th week off)
London only (3pm – 9.30pm weekdays)

Based in our London office, we will be phoning existing Karuna supporters. On average 30% of supporters choose to donate more money to Karuna as a result of their conversation with us. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in exploring skilful communication alongside other practicing Buddhists. Financial support is offered so do get in touch if you would like to join this autumn’s team.

Call Jo on 0207 697 3006 or email

Knock for Karuna…

Appeal dates for 2010 are on our website now - check . Do an appeal and fundraise for projects that build self-worth and change the lives of those born at the bottom of a harsh social system in India.
We would love to hear from you if you would like to do an appeal in 2010.
Call Pete on 0207 700 3434 or email

Live Together for Karuna…
(Men only)

We are offering:
A house to live in, in London
Blocks of 6 weeks fundraising followed by at least one week off
Total of 10 weeks leave including trip to India
A deep exploration of fundraising as Dharma practice
Contact Khemajala on 0207 700 3434 or email

That's it folks! Hope at least one of these whets your appetite...

Jo :)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Fundraiser sought for India Dhamma work

Fundraiser sought
for India Dhamma work

The India Dhamma Trust is a brand-new FWBO charity that's being established specifically to support TBMSG’s Dhamma work in India by raising money from the world-wide FWBO.

Phase 1 of the project, which is ambitious but achievable, is to raise up to £75,000/year, if possible in the next 18 months; this will be used to support those working for the men's and women's Ordination Processes, Public preceptors, Mitra Convenors, and Order Office: around 20 of the core Dhamma workers in India plus their associated expenses.

The need for the Trust has arisen because the Karuna Trust have decided that they cannot continue to use funds raised from the general public to fund Dhamma work that exclusively benefits TBMSG (Karuna will be using these funds to support other Dhamma work). The Trust is also needed to provide concentrated attention on the spread of the Dhamma in India.

Having successfully raised £14,000 in pledges over the Order Conventions towards the costs of the Appeal, the India Dhamma Trust is now seeking to employ a Fundraiser to develop and implement a fundraising strategy in conjunction with the Trustees.

What we're looking for
We’re looking for an experienced and enthusiastic fundraiser who’s aspiring to make a real contribution to the Order; both in India through the ‘Dhamma Revolution’ there and by inspiring the wider Movement..

The position requires drive and enthusiasm, as well as an ability to be self-motivated and work across a number of different projects at once and, to a large extent, individually. It requires someone who able to produce accurate and creative written work, as well speaking to audiences in a way that inspires and motivates them to contribute.

It is also important to be well-informed about the movement in the West, and passionate about the Dhamma and its significance as a socially transformative force within India and beyond.

It is envisaged that the job will be 3 days per week, for an initial duration of 2 years (with a 6-month review). Support levels will be negotiated. Training in fundraising methodologies can be arranged, if required. It is not necessary to be an Order Member.

Since the Trust is new and the candidate will largely be developing the workload from scratch there is scope for the number of days per week to expand beyond the 3 days per week envisaged, depending of course on income brought in.

The Fundraiser will be supported by the India Dhamma Trust Trustees, plus others who have offered support of various kinds.

How to apply
For a full job description and an application form, please contact Ananta ( or Lokabandhu (

If you'd like to speak about it with someone, please call either Ananta on 0207 7003434; or Priyananda on 01223 570306; or Lokabandhu on 01458 835057.

The deadline for applications is 6th November 2009. Please send them to Ananta. Interviews will take place in mid to late November in London or Cambridge. The Interview Panel will consist of Ananta, Padmadaka, and Priyananda, plus others to be confirmed.

It is hoped the Fundraiser will start work as soon as possible thereafter.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New fundraising opportunity at Karuna

The Karuna Trust, an FWBO charity working with marginalised communities in South Asia, has been running door to door fundraising appeals for nearly 30 years. Hundreds of people from the FWBO sangha have recruited thousands of UK householders who give £1.1million to Karuna each year.

Jo Goldsmid from Karuna says:

“According to research, a lot of our current supporters would be happy to give more; we just need to ask them. So that’s what we are going to do! We will be running a telephone fundraising campaign this summer from our office in London. This means we will be phoning hundreds of our loyal supporters and asking them to give a bit more. We will run the appeal in the same spirit as our door-to-door appeals: as an opportunity to deepen awareness of ourselves and our communication with others, with a strong sense of team. So each day before beginning phoning we will meet at the Karuna office, share our experience and then eat an early dinner together. Each evening will come to a close with a rejoicing in merits.

Telephone fundraising has a lot in common with door-to-door fundraising; it develops your communication skills and you can end up having some very meaningful conversations with people. It’s possible to raise even more money than you would knocking on people’s doors, so this means we will be able to reach out to even more vulnerable children, women and men across South Asia.

So if you live in London, are available on weekday evenings between 1st June and 11th July and would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you! Full training will be given and financial support can be negotiated.”

Contact Jo at Karuna: +44 (0)207 697 3006

The photographs show two girls, Maya and Mandodhri, going to work in the brick kiln at dawn…and later on their way to their Karuna-funded school. Education - more than anything else - helps people to take control of their lives and break out of the poverty cycle.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Job opportunity at Dhanakosa: Fundraising and Marketing Manager

Dhanakosa is the FWBO's very beautiful retreat centre in the Highlands of Scotland.

They are currently recruiting for a Fundraising and Marketing Manager. You will be working with Nayaka (Centre Director) helping to develop fundraising and marketing strategies, and be responsible for the implementation of those strategies. This will include working with our established visual identity and image archive to produce a range of marketing and fundraising collateral, and liaising with printers and out of house designers and advisers. You will also be expected to do about 2 days a week reception and bookings supporting our Office Manager (Alasdair), and contribute to the general running of the retreat centre.

We are looking for someone who is
• Positive, self motivated, and a good communicator
• Able to develop and implement fundraising and marketing strategies
• Interested in living and working as part of a Buddhist team in a retreat centre setting

Dhanakosa is situated in the southern part of the Scottish Highlands on the banks of Loch Voil in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. It is one and a half hours by car from Glasgow and Edinburgh. See our web site for more information about us.

Dhanakosa offers a comprehensive support package, as well as the opportunity to live, work and practice in the outstandingly beautiful environment of Balquhidder Glen. You will also be living and working as part of a community with a clear commitment to making work an effective spiritual practice.

Applications are invited from both men and women. We are particularly interested in hearing from members of the Western Buddhist Order

Closing date 1st July 2008

For further information and an application form:
please contact Nayaka on +44 (0) 1877 384 213 or

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Job Opportunity – Karuna Appeals Team

The Appeals Team at the Karuna Trust are looking for a male fundraiser/trainee trainer to join us in 2008.

We are a team of 3 fundraisers/trainers, currently two women and one man, who work closely together to run at least 6 Appeals a year. We also work within the wider Karuna team on a variety of projects and initiatives.

You would be:

· A successful fundraiser (no previous experience necessary – we’d train you) who engages with door-knocking as a spiritual practice
· A good communicator and committed team-player
· Someone who can take initiative and function independently
· Committed to practising the Dharma within the FWBO; an Order Member or Mitra seeking ordination

A full-time support package is available, including accommodation in the Karuna community in North London.

Initially, we’d ask you to do at least 2 appeals in 2008 so we could get to know you, and so you could see whether the work is for you. We could offer a short-term financial package to support you both during and between these Appeals.

If you’re interested, please contact Santavajri, Jo or Khemajala
Tel. +44 (0) 207 700 3434
Email: Santavajri [at]; Jo [at]; Khemajala [at]

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Could you be a fundraiser for the FWBO?

Could you be a fundraiser for the FWBO?

The FWBO European Chairs Assembly would like to recruit a fundraiser to:
* Help centres run more effective fundraising and dana economies, through offering them advice and consultancy, organising training days for their staff, and producing materials and resources.
* Devise fundraising strategies to generate income for movement-wide projects and individuals, so as to support them and also relieve the burden on central funding.
* Work with the FWBO development team on a movement-wide legacies campaign.

We’re looking for an Order member or mitra who’d like an exciting and challenging project! It may be that you do or don’t have previous fundraising experience. Either way, we are offering a generous allowance for training from the UK Institute of Fundraisers. There’s also the offer of help and mentoring from an existing professional fundraiser, making this a great opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

You’d need to be:
* Confident, out-going, and able to connect and engage with people quickly.
* Able to support and mentor those working for FWBO projects and give them confidence.
* Able to think strategically and put fundraising appeals together.
* Able to go into a new situation and suss it out fairly quickly, provide analysis and advice.
* Able to be creative and innovative.

The job is full-time, though we are open to discussing part-time or project-based work. There is a support package of up to £12K, plus a further budget for expenses and training. If you are interested but the details above don’t quite work for you (e.g. you want to work part-time) contact us anyway and we can talk about it!

You’d be employed by the Indrajala Trust (the charity of the European Chairs Meeting) and would work with the chairs meeting, and also members of the FWBO Development Team.

Contact Vajragupta on 0121-447-7427 for more information, or an application form. The deadline for applications is 21st November 2007, and we hope to meet all applicants in London on 23rd November.