Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Buddhafield Project

Mumukshu writes from Buddhafield, in Devon UK, with new of a new Buddhafield project in the West Country.  She says -

"Is there anyone out there interested in talking to me, Mumukshu, about starting a new right livelihood venture in Devon?

"We are getting very enthusiastic about the idea of opening an organic vegan/vegetarian cafe, combined with a meditation/yoga/meeting space, in our local town. It would be an interface between the local community and our local buddhafield projects, such as home-grown organic produce, the tree nursery, herbal remedies. There are keen volunteers around, supported core team members and possibly others available full time all very interested in getting involved.

"However we need someone with experience, looking for something to get their teeth into and help get it off the ground. Ideally we would like a Dharmacharini, and it need not necessarily be for ever! Please call me on 07775694619 or 01363 772939 to discuss - or email mumukshu@buddhafield.com.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buddhafield Cafe seeks summer volunteers

The Buddhafield cafe seeks summer volunteers - click for high- resolution copy...

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