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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News from FWBO Boston: new paintwork; new energy; new people…

Sunada from the FWBO's Boston Center writes -

"Our little sangha here in Boston recently got together to paint and spiff up our tiny meeting room. It used to be this rather dark and dingy room, and well ... the transformation has been more than just in the physical appearance of the space. In fact we transformed our dark and dingy one-room meeting space into a wonderfully warm blue-and-gold Milarepa’s Cave!

"It was our first major project we undertook as a sangha, and the effect it had on us as a sangha community has been wonderful. Interestingly, we've also gotten a sudden spurt of new people join us. And these are people who asked to come without seeing our space at all. Funny how positive energy has a way of feeding on itself.

"We have Steve Wade to thank for pulling this project together -- and he still has more ideas up his sleeve. Our space is located at the far end of a long, sterile-looking hallway in the basement of an office building. Steve’s vision is that when someone walks into our door, they’re suddenly greeted with a beautiful, colorful shrine room. Since his recent trip to visit FWBO Centers in the UK, he’s gotten inspired to really do something in style.

"So this is just Phase One for now, and more improvements will no doubt come over time. We’ll probably get some built-in shelving for our zafus, and perhaps build up the shrine table so it more grandly fills the space. It’s all pretty exciting -- especially since the atmosphere already feels so changed with what we’ve done so far.

"A special thank you goes to all the sangha members who chipped in: Steve Wade, Glenn McKay, Rita Rocha, Stan Dankoski, Wyatt Greene, Doug Fosdick, and Martha Penzenik".

FWBO Boston's website is at

The photograph shows some of the Boston FWBO Sangha, with Sunada herself just to the right of the Buddha.

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