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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Copenhagen hosts joint first Danish-Swedish day retreat

Advayasiddhi writes from the FWBO’s small Danish Sangha with news of the first joint Danish -Swedish day retreat. She says -

“This Sunday saw the first event for people from both sides of Øresund - the small stretch of sea that divides Denmark and Southern Sweden. The day was held in Copenhagen where the (very small) Danish Sangha had invited people from Skåne to come and join them for a day of practice.

“Even if the numbers ended up low, the quality was high and we had a great day led by Advayasiddhi, meditating together and talking about the three jewels and about how we are part of a long lineage and a much bigger community.

"We ended the day with a small ritual offering our aspirations to the Buddha and sharing our merits with all beings.

“We hope to do another day soon, so let us know if you want to join”.

Check their Facebook group Buddhistisk Meditation to stay in touch.  There’s a more general introduction to Buddhism and meditation in Danish on their website

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FWBO activities develop in Denmark - and an ordination in Stockholm

Flags flying at the FWBO group in CopenhagenAdvayasiddhi from the FWBO's Copenhagen group has written to FWBO News to tell us -

"I'm very happy to let you know that FWBO Denmark had it's first meditation day in Copenhagen this Saturday with 8 people attending. It has taken a lot of work to interest people in meditation and buddhism here in Denmark, so this event felt like a landmark, having people come and engage themselves and -most importantly- continue to practice what they learn.

"As in so many other places in the world, we did the mindfulness of breathing, walking meditation and the metta bhavana, and dedicated the merits of the day to the benefit of all beings.

"We are planning to have a day event in February and March as well, so please spread the word if you know anybody in Denmark.
"We have a website at and you'll find us on Facebook too - click the link or go looking for "Buddhistisk Meditation"!

"Yours in the Dharma
Not far away, in Stockholm, this Saturday sees what may be the first ordination on Swedish soil. The public ordination of Sanna Frost will take place at the Stockholm Buddhist Center at 3pm on Saturday 31st January - all welcome! Her private ordination will have been conducted a few days previously on the island of Orno in the Stockholm archipelago.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

FWBO classes in Denmark

Advayasiddhi, one of the Order's only Danish members, has recently returned to Denmark and begun classes in Copenhagen. She's running what looks like a pretty full programme of meditation and Dharma classes.

To advertise these she, and members of the small Danish Sangha, have created the FWBO's first Danish website -

This gives full details of the classes, short introductions to the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (Development of Loving-Kindness) meditations, an interactive map for finding them in the centre of Copenhagen, and finally their 'Dharma Calendar' at, which she describes as " a common calendar for the Buddhist community in Denmark".

There's also a Facebook group, Buddhistisk Meditation, that anyone can be a member of. Advayasiddhi writes that she'd welcome people signing up for it, and also mentions that since they don't have a center that any support, be it on facebook or money, wouild be very welcome.

Advayasiddhi's classes in Denmark are in addition to the existing FWBO presence in neighbouring Finland, Norway, Germany, Estonia, and Russia. Oh, and Sweden!

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