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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ordinations at Tiratanaloka

On Wednesday 1 August, in the context of a Going for Refuge retreat, the following ordinations took place at Tiratanaloka (all names Sanskrit except where indicated):

Public Preceptor Parami:

Fiona Doolan becomes ACHALAMAYI (Pali, long 'I'). 'She whose nature is steadfast, reliant, resolute, unswaying'; (private preceptor

Caroline Glanville becomes SAMADEVI (long 'i'). 'She who is a Goddess of Equanimity'; (private preceptor Ratnavandana).

Su Angel becomes AKASHACHITTA. 'She whose heart is luminous like space'; (private preceptor Ratnavandana).

Margit Vidakovic-Whitton becomes DHARMAJIVANA (long 'i 'and final 'a'). 'She whose vitality, or life-breath, is the Dharma'; (private preceptor Maitreyi).

Maria Jose Mics becomes DHARMANISHTA (long final 'a'). 'She who is grounded on, and devoted to, Dharma'; (private preceptor Paramachitta).

Public Preceptor Ratnadharini:

Susanne Traud-Dubois becomes AMOGHAMATI. 'She whose mind is intent on unerring success'; (private preceptor Kulanandi).

Christina Ganslev becomes ADVAYASIDDHI. 'She who has the accomplishment, fulfilment, satisfaction, complete happiness of seeing that, in essence, things are not different or separate from each other'; (private preceptor Vajrapushpa).

Public Preceptor Maitreyi:

Karin Bluemke becomes DRIDHADEVI (long final 'i'). 'Steady, resolute, persevering goddess'; (private preceptor Kulanandi).


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