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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First steps for the FWBO in Suriname?

Gunabhadri, Chairwoman of the FWBO’s Amsterdam Centre, has contacted FWBO News to say –

“Roy Jap-Sam, a Mitra in the Dutch Sangha (Amsterdam) since 2003, will be in Surinam (South America) in the month of November. When there, he will be having a meeting with a group of Chinese Buddhists and others interested in Buddhism with the view of introducing them to the FWBO.

“Rita, Roy’s sister, who lives in Surinam and has recently been on her first FWBO retreat in Holland, will be doing the organising. Apart from the hope that this will be the beginning of FWBO activities in Surinam Roy will also be able to tell them about FWBO Centres in countries near Surinam, like Venezuela, Mexico, and Brasil.

“Best wishes,

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