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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ordinations at Guhyaloka

The Three Jewels of Buddhism, displayed on the Kesa received by members of the Western Buddhist Order on their ordinationManjuvajra writes with news of the recent nineteen men's Public Ordinations at Guhyaloka, the FWBO's retreat centre in the mountains of Spain.

Publicly ordained by Surata
Ken Pearson becomes Hridayamani - 'He whose heart is a jewel/jewel-like' - private preceptor Tejananda

Patrick Baigent becomes Vimokshadaka - 'The daka of liberation' - private preceptor Sanghadeva

Publicly ordained by Mahamati
Andrew Harman becomes Shantideva - 'The peaceful deva', also named after the author of the Bodhicaryavatara - private preceptor Buddhadasa

Matthew Burgess becomes Vidyaruci - 'Radiance of Wisdom/ [He who finds] pleasure in mysterious knowledge' - private preceptor Subhuti.

Publicly ordained by Saddhaloka
Murray Sansom becomes Satyadaya - 'Genuine, honest, true kindness, compassion' - private preceptor Maitreyabandhu

Peter Hunt becomes Vidyasiddhi - 'He who has succeeded in accomplishing the Wisdom of aesthetic appreciation' - private preceptor Jnanottara

Rob Thurlow becomes Vimukta - 'Completely free; released' - private preceptor Karunavira

Simon Lovat becomes Vidyadhara - 'He who is the Holder or Bearer of the Wisdom of aesthetic appreciation' - private preceptor Jnanottara

Simon Thunder becomes Sanghasiha - 'He who is a Lion of the Sangha' - private preceptor Satyaraja

Frank Spitzauer becomes Dayajina - 'gentle, kind victor ' - private preceptor Bodhimitra

John Denton becomes Saddhasura - 'Hero of Faith' - private preceptor Surata

Carl Hutchinson becomes Drdhakarin - 'He who acts firmly, resolutely, wholly, steadfastly and with perseverance' - private preceptor Saddharaja

Simon Okotie becomes Manjusiha - 'lovely, pleasing, agreeable Lion (like the Buddha) ' - private preceptor Maitreyabandhu

Francisco Guillermo-Aguilar (Paco) becomes Maitrighosha - 'The voice of loving-kindness/ He who speaks with loving-kindness' - private preceptor Ratnaghosha

Nick Ross becomes Buddhasiha - 'He who is a Lion of the Buddha ' - private preceptor Satyaraja

Robert Evans becomes Satyanatha - 'Truthful Lord or Protector' - private preceptor Kamalashila

David Beard becomes Jnanashalin - 'He who is distinguished for knowledge' - private preceptor Saddharaja

Rob Gibbs becomes Aryadhara - 'He who possesses nobility ' - private preceptor Maitreyabandhu

Richard Norris becomes Arthabandhu - 'Friend of the Good/the Goal ' - private preceptor Dharmadipa

The above names are the Anglicised versions - the scholarly transliteration of the names will appear with the fuller descriptions and photographs in Shabda.

The ordinatons took place on June 15th 2009.
The photograph shows the Dhardo Rimpoche stupa at Guyhaloka.


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