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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FWBO Stupas

Padmaloka Stupa built by RupadarshinDharmacari Rupadarshin, well known for his stupa building work, attended a conference of Stupa builders in Italy in Nov 2006. The Stupa Rebuilding Project aims to restore crumbling stupas throughout Asia, with the idea that the enormous merit generated with help to make the world a better place. The project has been initiated by stupa builders in the Italian branch of the FPMT. Rupadarshin, who is a trained stone mason/carver, was the only Western stupa builder from a non Tibetan tradition to attend the conference. He was not sure how realistic their aims were, although there was a lot of enthusiasm for what seems a worthy project. Their website suggests that the first projects have been identified. Rupadarshin has created several stupas which hold relics of Dhardo Rinpoche (Padmaloka stupa, right) as well as a 7.1m high votive stupa for windhorse:evolution in Cambridge.

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