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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Feature article on FWBO News: NVC in the FWBO

A new article has been posted to FWBO News’ Features. Entitled ‘NVC in the FWBO: Heart-to-Heart Communication’, it explores Shantigarbha’s discovery of NVC, or ‘Nonviolent Communication’, and the many parallels he found between NVC and the Dharma. As he puts it himself, “for me this is the deepest connection with the Dharma – this compassionate intention to connect, with a view to enriching the lives of all beings”. And he goes on to say “I’ve found that when people are connected at this heart level, whether they live in a Buddhist community in the UK, the slums of India, war-torn Sri Lanka, or a US prison, they are only a short distance from finding a solution that honours the needs on both sides, where no-one gives in or gives up.”

A growing number of Order Members and others involved in the FWBO have trained in NVC, and Shantigarbha’s article concludes with a directory of those currently offering it in Britain, India, and elsewhere. Click here to read it on FWBO Features.

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