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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Relief - art exhibition in Birmingham

Following yesterday’s post featuring Valerie Witonska’s poetry, FWBO News has had news of a very different artistic exhibition by another member of the Sangha.

Mat, also known as Matnoo, from the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, is perhaps best described as a sculptor – his unusual artwork is made from precision engineered plastic using CNC equipment (computer numerically controlled equipment, to the uninitiated!)

His exhibition ‘Relief’, held in the Buddhist Centre, featured 10-15 pieces on a range of subjects including cartoon-like animals, portraits, Buddhist philosophy and also some interactive pieces, including a tardis-like box you could step inside and see endless reflections of yourself:a modern-day Vairocana’s tower...!

You can contact him at or by phone - work his number out from his poster!

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