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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resignations from the Western Buddhist Order

The past six months have seen seven resignations from the Western Buddhist Order:

Achalavajra from Abingdon, near Oxford UK, and ordained in 1989;
Amaradeva from Somerville Massachusetts in the US, ordained in 2003.
Karunadrishti from Berlin, ordained in 2005;
Kuladeva from London, ordained in 1977;
Manjudaaka from Finland, ordained in 1998;
Prajnacitta from the Netherlands, ordained in 2005; and finally
Vipassi from Liverpool, ordained in 1989;

After some discussion, it has been decided the best way to report resignations from the Order is in a similar way to ordinations, ie in batches, and without giving details of individual circumstances.

FWBO News wishes all of them well as they continue their spiritual journeys in other contexts.

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