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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Free Buddhist Audio News - Launch of Audio Buddhismus Kostenlos

Free Buddhist AudioWelcome to the news update from Free Buddhist Audio, the free download and streaming service from the Dharmachakra sound and text archives. To receive more regular update information on the site, you can always subscribe to our own blog.

Hello. Little update this week. Small but perfectly formed...

Today we are officially launching the site in German - Audio Buddhismus Kostenlos. It's been a bit of a wait, but we are now ready and delighted to welcome all our German-speaking friends on board. As it happens, we have relatively few talks in German itself, so any ideas for contributions to the archive would be gratefully received! Meanwhile, our heartfelt thanks go out to Harald Eckhoff, who has worked away at this with us in a most heroic and generous-spirited way for several months. May the merit be yours, Harald!

Watch this space for imminent announcements regarding the site in Chinese, French and Spanish!



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