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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some details from the FWBO News Readership survey

This post gives a few more details about our recent Readership Survey.

The charts show (1) where the respondents live - UK, Europe or 'World' (overwhelmingly the UK); the gender of the respondents (60:40 men:women); how regularly the respondents read FWBO News (60% read every post); the trend in total readership over the past year (a slow upward trend, though slowing, and hovering around the 2,000 visits/month mark), and the geographical locations of the last 100 visits (amazingly widespread). Interested parties can see some of this for themselves by clicking the stats button in the 'Other Stuff' section, down the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Lastly, received but not shown, are all the comments offered by the respondents to the Survey - the main things we have got from these so far is 1. appreciation for FWBO News and 2. a desire for more in-depth coverage of current topics - which we are attempting to arrange.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an interesting survey. i very much appreciate the news site as it keeps me in touch with the wider FWBO news.


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