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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

launch of new TBMSG magazine

On 14th April, the anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Ambedkar, Lokamitra presided over the launch of a new TBMSG magazine "Samagra Buddhawani", or ' Song of Buddha'. This will be published in Hindi every three months and distributed via a network of supporters all over central and northern India.

Aryaketu, its editor, says "I am glad to say that the new Hindi tri-monthly "Samagra Buddhawani" Magazine was published and inaugurated on 14th April-07 by the hands of Dhammachari Lokamitra. We have printed 10000 copies and up to now have distributed nearly 7000 copies all over India, nearly half going in Nagpur. We hope the copies will increase up to 20,000 in October at the big Dhammakranti retreat in Buddhagaya. We have got enough support and backing from most of our centres but we are not dependent on TBMSG centres or chairmen."

The new magazine will fill a major gap as for some years now there has been no Movement-wide publication in India. It has been in the planning stages for many months and has been launched with no subsidy from foreign funds. Aryaketu goes on to say htat such is the enthusiasm for the new publication that two people in Nagpur have been thinking to create their own right livelihood just by selling it door-to-door. He sees selling it as a possible opportunity for poor people to raise their income - perhaps to raise the funds for retreats.

At the same time the
Dhammakranti project's plans are taking shape for the next season, starting immediately after the rainy season. Central to this will be their second large retreat at Bodh Gaya, and Nagaketu reports that its dates are now set at 11th Nov. to 17th Nov. 2007. Westerners are warmly invited and are asked to make contact via

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