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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Heart Sutra - sung by... Karuna Carpenter

On a lighter note to yesterday's post - FWBO News is proud to report that Kavyasiddhi's marvellous rendition of the Heart Sutra - sung to the tune of a golden oldie anyone over 40 will instantly recognise - has been posted to Videosangha. Listen to it here or download the file (for your further listening pleasure) direct from Google Video here. It probably shouldn't be us who says it, but this deserves to become a cult classic - watch it, and pass it on!

VideoSangha has been set up to enable people within the FWBO mandala to share what they are doing, what they are inspired by, and just to show what they look like - through the medium of video. It currently hosts some 34 videos with more being added most days.

If the video is slow to load, our advice is, let it play through once, as slowly as it needs to, then begin again and it should play smoothly.

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