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Monday, August 18, 2008

Karuna Trust 2008 report out now

The FWBO’s Karuna Trust raises over UK £1.5 million/year for a multitude of social and Dharma projects in India. They’ve just published their 2008 report (‘Karuna 08) – it’s a beautiful and inspiring piece of work. Look for it at a Buddhist centre near you, or check their website.

The report this year focuses on caste, “an ancient injustice”, and gives glimpses of many aspects of the work of Karuna’s many partners in India – ranging from publicising the many ongoing atrocities inflicted on low-caste people, to emerging initiatives to build a truly casteless society.

Karuna’s work is largely sustained by regular team-based door-knocking appeals all over UK. Through these, they have built up a network of over 7,000 committed donors and also learned how to make the act of fundraising into an intense and effective spiritual practice.

Check their Appeals website for a treasure trove of real-life fundraisers stories – and details of upcoming appeals. To quote just a fragment from Jo’s blog (Jo was on the June London appeal):

“There is something deeply irrational about volunteering for a Karuna has no logic to it whatsoever! Why would I want to go out there on the streets risking feelings of shame, humiliation, rejection, anger? - but also, risking feelings of connection, openness, love, generosity, positivity? Sometimes I find the more positive feelings more difficult to open to. Take "Danny" that I met last night.…” Read more on Jo's fundraising blog...

Sadhu Karuna!

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