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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dhamma tours in Northern India: a report

For Part II of our report from India, we present a long report by Order Member Maitriveer Nagarjun (shown left), a young PhD student at JNU University, Delhi. He's recently completed a major tour across North India with Subhuti, Dharmashalin, and others. He writes -

Dear Lokabandhu,
Hope you are well and having cool days.
Delhi is so hot nowadays - breaking the records of 100 years.

Please find attached my late Report of the "Dhammakranti Retreats and Dhamma Awakening Campaign, North India 2009" It is at

Rest is fine.
Take care.
With much metta
Maitriveer Nagarjuna

Subhuti, recently back in UK, summarises what they got up to -

"Before I got to Bodhgaya, I had spent nearly two months touring in North India with Dharmashalin and Maitriveer Nagarjun, giving talks and leading retreats in ten different places. The approach that we have developed on the basis of Bhante's teaching and in line with Dr Ambedkar's vision is quite unique and is greeted with great joy and wonder by so many who hear of it. We manage to combine a message of social change through the principles of the Dharma with real spiritual practice. This seems to be deeply appealing.

"I have just published a book with Kumarajiv, translated into Hindi, outlining this message, called 'How to Live the Buddhist Life'. There is much more to tell about all this: there is something quite remarkable going on in Dalit circles in North India. I hope to say more about it on another occasion".

FWBO News hopes to bring you more details of this work in due course.

There's a growing number of videos on YouTube exploring and explaining what TBMSG is doing in India, and the effect it is having on thousands of people's lives. shows Dharmashalin, Subhuti's secretary, introducing the broad background to the revival of Buddhism in India; shows Satyadeep from Pune talking about his family background and what led him to the Dharma.

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