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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cambridge Buddhist Centre celebrates tenth anniversary

Tomorrow, Sunday 1st November, will be an extra-special celebration of Sangha Day for the FWBO's Cambridge Buddhist Centre: they’ll be marking their 10th anniversary at the ‘Festival Theatre’.

Abhayamati writes to say -

“Sangha day this year marks ten years for the Cambridge Buddhist Centre at its current address. The special festival day will include a re-dedication ceremony, a special celebratory puja and a graffiti wall for rejoicing in merits.

“There have been FWBO activities in Cambridge for over 20 years and until 1999 the Centre was housed along with a community at number 25 Newmarket Road. Having outgrown its space, Windhorse Trading - the Buddhist run giftware company based in Cambridge - in 1998 acquired a disused theatre (shown opposite), complete with art deco foyer and adjoining Georgian house. After much renovation, the current Buddhist Centre opened and has been steadily growing and developing - and enabling others to grow and develop - over the past ten years.

“For a complete programme of our Sangha Day Festival, check our website. Or click here if you’re interested in the history of the building, especially the historic 'Festival Theatre'.



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