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Monday, June 11, 2007

Two regular guests on BBC Radio...

FWBO News has come to learn that two members of the Western Buddhist Order are regular guests on BBC Radio.

Nagaraja from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre is a long-standing regular on the ‘Pause for Thought’ slot on the Terry Wogan show. You can listen to his latest reflections (arising from his 46th birthday), broadcast this week, by clicking
here for the transcript or here for the audio.

You can hear Vishvapani, also a regular contributor, on Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’, part of the peak-time ‘Today’ program, by clicking here for the last episode, or here for the archives.

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Blogger Kavyasiddhi said...

There are two more of us - Lalitavira and I both broadcast 'Pause for Thoughts' for BBC Radio 2.
I do about ten 'Night Time' Pauses (or Thoughts) a year, usually on the Janice Long show.

Blogger Phil said...

Hi, Yes I've been doing about 30 a year for the past 7 or 8 years. I do 15 Night Time ones for the Janice Long show (these are the shortest and can have a slightly grittier content) and 15 for the Sarah Kennedy show (which have to cater for a more Home Counties audience, 615 a.m. BBC Radio 2. I have to tailor these ones the most). At the moment it's probably a large part of my practice as without the regular dsciplnes of study ad meditation writing 'Pauses' s the one time I have to systematically reflect on the Dharma. The disadvantage or maybe the lesson is how simplistic it always feels once processed into an acceptable form. Also you're not allowed to mention death which after all these years I still find very limiting when trying to discuss what the Dharma means in my life.



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