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Sunday, July 26, 2009

More reports from Buddhafield Festival

More reports from the Buddhafield Festival are coming in, thanks to the 'Google Alerts' facility.

Geckoface says "I've spent the last week at Buddhafield. To sum up, it was amazing."  She goes on to explore the Mystery of the Chai Lady, saying -

"There is a myth that the Chai Lady roams Buddhafield. She has been sighted in the morning between 8 and 9am with large thermos flasks filled with chai made with rice milk. She sings with a haunting tune that no one can quite remember, with the words "chai, buy my chai, lots of chai, buy my chai, vegan chai". No one can remember her face or quite what she looks like. Those who have seen her are not sure if it was real. There is no hard core evidence for her existence.

"We believe we had a sighting of the Chai Lady on the morning of July the 20th. Also, on the morning of July 16th, I heard her voice in my dreams though it turns out others heard the voice too, so perhaps it was real. We bought her chai and I snapped a picture but I only managed to get her from behind so we have no proof that it is the real Chai Lady".

More from her at

Realfoodlover reports "I went to Buddhafield festival and became a kitchen fairy."  She says -

"I was sitting in a Bedouin tent, as one does, listening to Martha Tilston on stage at Lost Horizons, the legendary travelling café and wood-burning (mostly naked) sauna.

I heard a cry above the music:
“Can someone stir the milk? In exchange for a chai.  Can someone stir the milk?”
“I can stir the milk,” I said.

In the field kitchen, backstage at Lost Horizons, a wooden spoon in hand, I stirred a cauldron of milk coming to the boil.  A dramatic creature with blonde curls, tight trousers and a rocker’s face appeared..."

More from her at

And PedalPowerAdventures ("A journey across the length of Britain, stirred with thoughts on how we can use the power of personal choice to make the world cleaner, greener and generally just a better place to live") reports -

"An interesting time at Buddhafield, hard work with heavy rain every day and lots of mud. Found an almost new pair of thermal wellys in a hedge the day before arriving, true confirmation that the universe provides. Gave them away when I left to a guy who was planning to spend the winter on the top of Exmoor, felt good to pass on the good fortune..."

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OpenID realfoodlover said...

Dear wonderful Buddhist people, thank you for posting my Buddhafield Real Food Lover blog here. I look forward to reading the others too.

The Buddhafield festival was such rich experience! I have another Buddhafield post here and another in the pipeline...

Thanks for linking - and now I have found this most interesting explore more.
Love from Elisabeth


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