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Thursday, September 24, 2009

London Buddhist Centre starts Buddhist Sunday School

A small news item for any readers who might be in London...

This Sunday, 27 September, the FWBO's London Buddhist Centre are starting their own Buddhist Sunday School.

They say - "Bring your child along for Buddhist stories and teachings, related craft activities and short meditations adapted for children".

The times are 10-11.15am, and the school will run every Sun up to 13 Dec (except 1 Nov and 6 Dec).

They're not the first FWBO children's class - a couple of years ago the Little Buddha Children's Club started in Nagpur, central India.  Since their initials are LBCC perhaps they should become twins!

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Blogger Munisha said...

This is fantastic news. Look forward to hearing how it goes. Let us know if we can help. Maybe you could team up with the Sunday School at the London Buddhist Vihara? One of the parents told me they would love their kids to meet other Buddhist kids.



Blogger Sarajit said...


Blogger ashwajit said...

After Reading This News ,It Is Really a WonderFull Concept Starting Sunday School For Children Really It Will Work Out

Congratulation For All Effort's Taken Team
I Wish Desperatly This Concept Should Start In India

Dhammamitra Ashwajit (India)


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