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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TBMSG Youth-work

Dharmacari Satyadeep sends this report from Maharastra:

The picture shows a workshop held on 11 February for the youth in Solapur, Southern Maharastra. This is new initiative to help youth to develop their personality, positive attitude and confidence. Eighty girls and Boys were present from all the backgrounds. this activity seems very helpful to attract youth to the movement. So far we have offered four workshops since January 2007, which have been attended by 350 to 400 young boys & girls. We have formed a group of 20 people who are now being trained for youth work. These people will take responsibility to work among the youth in different part of Maharashtra.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to apreciate this work.this work is very much needed for the youth,since youths are no direction to thier life. thanks to satyadeep. keep going.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is realy very wonderfull to see the youth coming forward. i m stisfied that satyadeep is doing this work which myself like to do,but cant due to engagements. my wishes are with them. this work is very much needed. in this eara


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