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Saturday, October 20, 2007

FWBO Jobs - world-wide opportunities across the FWBO

FWBO Jobs is a sister web-site to FWBO News. It has recently expanded and now carries news of a variety of opportunities to join FWBO projects around the world, on a full-time or voluntary basis. Please check it regularly for updates.

Current opportunities include –

teaching English to the new Buddhists in India or Hungary;

the new FWBO Fundraiser’s post;

a commissioning editor for Windhorse Publications,

and an opportunity to join the team at the Vajraloka Meditation Retreat Centre in north Wales.

If you run an FWBO or TBMSG project and are seeking people to join you, either full or part time, for pay or as volunteers, please contact FWBO News. You can access FWBO Jobs any time either by clicking the 'Jobs' tab on FWBO News' website, or by visiting Among other things the site contains a fairly comprehensive list of the many FWBO/TBMSG businesses around the world, from Tipu's Tiger vegetarian restaurant in Missoula Montana to english teaching in Berlin to Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge UK.

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