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Sunday, June 01, 2008

FWBO International Retreat over, feedback invited...

Over at Taraloka, site of the FWBO's International Retreat last week, the clear-up has just about finished and they are well into their next event, the UK Women's National Order Weekend. All 400 retreatants have gone their many ways - home to Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, all over the UK - and even further perhaps - there were people there from India, New York, Australia.

Sangharakshita came on Sunday morning, and spoke at length, choosing as his theme the Buddha's advice to his monks, the 'Conditions for the Stability of the Sangha' from the Mahaparanibbana Sutta, no.16 in the Digha Nikaya. Thanks to Videosangha, you can catch his talk here, look for 'The Growth and Prosperity of the Sangha' though it's also known as 'Growing the Spiritual Community'.

We'd like to invite any one who was there to add a comment to this post saying how it was for them - just click on 'have your say' below... In this way we'll build up a scrapbook of reflections and memories.

Meanwhile a slideshow of some images from the retreat is available on FWBO Photos, or just click on the photos below. They include quite a lot of Sangharakshita - many thanks to Dhammarati for these.

Click on 'have your say' to add your comment. Thanks...!

And by the way if youre reading this by email and don't have that option immediately available, just visit this post on FWBO News:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talks excellent.
Dhiramati puja fantastic.
Food very good.
Shrine and dining tents large and spacious.

The camping field was too rough. It was not easy to move about. The access to the shrine tent was difficult for those people with disabilities.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful retreat great to meet so many lovely people, many thanks to everyone Chris

Blogger dhammarati said...

what a great event.
not sure we've ever done anything quite like it, bringing together so many people, so many levels of experience from bhante all the way to people attending and fwbo event for the first time, and in a context of retreat, and residential practice.

seems like quite a significant event to me, and i'd like to see us do more, maybe with a bit more emphasis on meditation together.

and with those midge veils on sale somewhere.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic retreat and I was in awe at all the hard work put in by many many people to make this huge retreat such a success. The shrine tent was magical, as were the pujas, the talks incredibly inspiring. I was on the cooking team from LBC under Subhadramati and want to thank all the team involved again - I thought the food was jolly good considering we were cooking for 400 to sit down all at one sitting! Thanks to Vajragupta, the Buddhafield team and all involved in the event, cant wait till the next one.
Sue Acres.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANXX to everyone involved putting this retreat on, it was amazing!!! Thankyou


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