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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sangharakshita on 'The Growth and Prosperity of the Sangha'

Upekshapriya from the FWBO's 'Videosangha' project has contacted FWBO News to say -

"You might want to let your readers know that Bhante's latest talk 'The Growth and Prosperity of the Sangha' given at the FWBO International Retreat is now available on The direct link is here".

Since Videosangha was launched in 2007, it has grown rapidly to become an extensive video resource for the FWBO worldwide, with well over 100 videos spanning 24 'categories'. There's everything there from answers to those awkward questions ("are buddhists allowed to have sex...?") to many individuals recounting their first meetings with Sangharakshita - to others reflecting on their own ordinations...

Adding new videos is easy - simply upload to YouTube or Google Video with an 'FWBO' tag...

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