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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New videos of Sangharakshita available online

Last month we published a recording of an interview with Sangharakshita, recorded in Birmingham but screened at the International Order Convention in Bodhgaya. This had to be temporarily withdrawn due to overload on the host site; we are pleased to announce that it is again available for general viewing. This time it is on VideoSangha, the FWBO’s video-sharing website.

The link is -

If you want to order a copy from Clear Vision you can do so at

The following links may also be of interest

Bhante talking about Bodhgaya:

Bhante's talk on some of the Teachers on the FWBO Refuge Tree - Jan 09:

Bhante's unveiling of the new LBC shrine:

Bhante's conversation with Maitreyabandhu in November 08:

Photos taken at the Convention in Bodh Gaya can be viewed at (taken by Vilasamani)
or (taken by Samacitta)

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