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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two new blogs from FWBO artists

Today, for its Saturday 'personal profile', FWBO News features four Order Members making their living in the world of the arts. There's many many more besides these, of course, working and teaching in many different media - but these are the ones we've become aware of recently!

Vajradaka, an Order Member of 37 years standing, who was for some 20 years chairman of Vajraloka, the FWBO’s meditation centre in north Wales, asks -

“Could you please put something in the news on a new livelihood project called CREATIVE ENTERPRISE? This a new and practical approach to living a creative life and creating a business or livelihood which expresses that. Between now and the end of the year there’s a number of workshops on offer for creative people in all forms of expression, including entrepreneurs.

Also I have started a Blog called CREATIVE EXCHANGE which is an opportunity to contribute and read about the personal joys and difficulties of Creativity. It's at

Best wishes, Vajradaka
(writing from London).

Up in Birmingham, Alokavira, a professional photographer originally from Germany, writes to say -

'I would be very happy if you could add my photoblog to the list on FWBO News.  I started it earlier this year as an addition to my already existing website. I use it to regularly upload and showcase more journalistic photographs often with a social or even political content plus images from different FWBO/WBO events.

The address is:  Many thanks. With Metta, Alokavira'.

On his site at the moment are photographs of residents from Ladywood, one of the many council estates around north-west Birmingham and - presumably for contrast - portraits of some of Alokavira’s companions on a recent retreat at Guhyaloka, the FWBO's retreat centre high in the Spanish mountains.

And finally, from Bristol, there's an open invitation from Ananda and Manjusvara, long-established leaders of the 'Wolf at the Door' Buddhist-inspired writing workshops and retreats. They say -

'Dear Friend,

'We are presently considering our programme for next year, and wonder if you might like to host a 'Wolf at the Door' weekend writing workshop between March and mid-December 2010. Wolf at the Door was created to bring the wildness of imagination into our everyday lives. This synthesis can heal and energise us. It can renew our love of life, transform our communication with others, give us the insight into our lives and relationships that can bring about further renewal.

'Without exception we have had extremely positive responses to our programmes wherever we have been. The factors usually appreciated most are the friendly atmosphere, freedom from judgement, and bringing together creativity with an ethical dimension - people revealing themselves in new ways make very good sangha-building events!

“If you'd like to reply, please e-mail us at Or check our website'.

Manjusvara is author of 'Writing Your Way', endorsed by the award-winning poet Robert Gray with the generous words "Contains more good advice about writing than any other book I have read." It's available from Windhorse Publications, the FWBO's publishing house.

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