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Monday, April 02, 2007

FWBO College of Public Preceptors

Last November, 19 members of the FWBO's College of Public Preceptors met at Tiratanaloka for 10 days. For those who are interested Parami has written up a detailed 'informal record' (as opposed to 'minutes') of the meeting which are posted on the Madhyamavani website. She says "I have recorded in some detail things that I think might be of general interest. The College wanted to do more to keep other Order Members and mitras informed about our meetings, which happen twice a year".

Topics covered in her notes include the consultation process for Order Members becoming private preceptors; new Order Members and their chapters; Sangharakshita's comments on the need for personal individual spiritual life and collective spiritual life to be held in balance; celebrants for Kalyana mitra ceremonies; notes from a morning where they just "brainstormed" their vision for the College; and finally a discussion of Sangharakshita's system of meditation.

See also the new Public Preceptors blog.

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