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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New FWBO UK groups

New FWBO Groups in the UKFWBO News has learnt of a number of new Buddhism and meditation classes springing up around Britain. In keeping with the devolved and decentralized nature of the FWBO, we’re often the last to know, but are proud to present the following details for those who might be interested.

In Somerset, Bhadra (francis.self [at] has been running classes in his home village of Batcombe, and has plans to extend to Wells and possibly Shepton Mallet.

Vajrasara (vajrasara [at], who has just moved to Frome, is starting classes there soon, and Lokabandhu (lokabandhu [at], also a new arrival to the area and living in Glastonbury, will be running classes from his home in central Glastonbury from April 3rd.

Alobhin (dpsnail [at] is planning to move to Leicester and start a centre in 2008, assisted by Sanghaketu and Janaka. This April there will be a dedication ceremony followed by a retreat July 13-15th.

In Carlisle Lalitavajra (lalitavajra [at] has recently settled there and will be beginning classes from early summer.

Across the country, in Suffolk, Bodhivamsa and Harshaprabha (harshaprabha [at] have started the Woodbridge Buddhist Group in – guess where?! – Woodbridge; and up in Scotland Vajrahridaya (vajrahridaya [at], who hails from Pune in India, has started classes in Stirling – he has lived for some years now at nearby Dhanakosa retreat centre.

Not brand new, but little-known (and certainly absent from our listings on, are the classes in Winchester, which Paramajyoti ( has been running for some years now, and – an especial delight to report – the classes that Sampada, aged 86, continues to run from her home in Truro, Cornwall (01209 890 997).

FWBO News would be delighted to hear from any Order Members or Mitras who are also running Buddhism or meditation classes and are not currently listed in

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In respect to class in Winchester this is no longer led by Paramajyoti.
The class continues organised and led by Kim Nolan,Dharmamodana and Samudraghosa. Information and contact details can be found on

Anonymous Holley McCoy said...

There is also a small group being run by Holley McCoy on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides in her home! Holley can be contacted via her web page at

Anonymous vajrahridaya said...

hi there,
just to fill up more on the meditation classes in stirling.
there is already a fwbo buddhist group running for 10yrs now, thanks to jim gardner, a mitra who has asked for ordination, for running it.
i have started the 8 week meditation courses from feb. this year for those who would like more practise in mindfulness, the courses are called "embracing your heart with mindfulness and metta".
we'll start the second course soon from 29th april.we are also arranging day retreats where people come and practise together and we are having a very good response here. all the courses are full which shows people want to learn and know more about meditation and buddhism.
much metta,


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