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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dhammakranti retreat at Bodh Gaya - 1,500 booked and counting...

November 11th sees the start of the annual TBMSG ‘Dhammakranti’ retreat at Bodh Gaya. Nagaketu, the organiser, told FWBO News “So far 1500 people have booked for the retreat and in addition we are expecting at least another 1000 people”. All are welcome, from East and West, and people will be coming from many different castes and communities all over India - one aim of the retreat is to exemplify a ‘casteless society’ which is so necessary if Buddhism is to become truly established across India. The retreat will be held at the Nyingma Monlam monastery 1 mile from the Mahabodhi Temple and the program will include daily walking mediations to the Temple and within the temple grounds.

They are still appealing for funds to subsidise the attendance of very poor people who simply cannot afford the Rs.650 (UK £8) the retreat is costing. Donations are invited for the sponsoring of places, please contact FWBO News if you would like to give in this way. Payment is possible internationally via Paypal, and further details of the retreat are available from the Dhammakranti website.

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