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Sunday, October 12, 2008

FWBO News anthology now available - July-September 2008

Every two or three months FWBO News produces an anthology of all recent stories that have appeared on the website. It’s made available in an easily-printable form; this is intended as a way of making the site (and the stories!) more visible to those who don’t find themselves in cyber-space very often.

The most recent edition has just been prepared and covers the period July-September 2008. You can download it from the Resources section of the FWBO News website, or directly here.

Meanwhile FWBO News’ readership continues a steady growth; the graph opposite shows its progress from 2006 (when the site was launched) to the present.

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Blogger Jayarava said...

The Original FWBO News site was launched on 31 May 2004 using a Blogger address - I switched to the new URL ( on 11 Aug 2006. A graph of stats for jul06-jul07 for that site can still be seen on The project began to take off in Dec 2005 when, after my ordination, I began to promote the site and seek out stories more actively. Lokabandhu took over the editorship in May 2007 after I had to retire due to poor health - my last post was 9 May. It is heartening to see the project growing and developing, and the readership continuing to grow. I wonder how many email subscriptions there are now? I think Feedblitz allows you to create graphs as well...

I continue to be an avid reader of news of this weird and wonderful spiritual community!

I retain ownership of the url and have sometimes thought that it might be better used for a more active project... any ideas?

Best Wishes


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