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Friday, December 05, 2008

Flooding at the LBC

Maitreyabandhu has written to let us know of a major flood at the FWBO's London Buddhist Centre - on the very eve of their 30th anniversasry. They are appealing for donations to help cover the cost. Maitreyabandhu says -

"Dear Friend,

"Today is the 30th anniversary of Bhante Sangharakshita opening the main shrine room of the LBC. Last night, on the eve of that anniversary, we had a burst water-main in the street outside, which has flooded the basement causing substantial damage. It looks like we will have to take the whole front elevation of scaffolding down so Thames Water can dig a hole big enough to fix the pipe. The builders will be up all night trying to finish the work on that elevation of the building. Someone will be continuously mopping the basement. We don't know the full extent of the damage yet, but it will be something around £15 and £20,000. Added to this, during our 30th anniversary celebrations in November, a fire was started in the doorway to the new entrance of the LBC causing substantial damage. We have to pay the first £2,500 of any insurance claim.

"Of course for a Buddhist this is a teaching: all things are impermanent, Samsara is not perfect, things go wrong. It reminds me of all the work happening right up to the moment of the opening of the LBC in 1978 – they had their share of disasters! But they created a centre that has benefited so many people.
"It also reminds me of the story about Buddhism going to Tibet. How the building of Samye monastery was constantly disrupted by the local demons. They would come out at night and demolish the work that the builders had done during the day. Our fire and the flood both happened at night. According to the story the only person who could convert the demons to help and not to hinder was the Tantric master Padmasambhava. We need to convert the local demons. But we do not have Padmasambhava. We need to create him together. We can do that meditation and devotional practice – sending well-wishing to the success of the project. We can also direct our energy and connect with our faith in the benefits that the new space will bring.

"A very practical thing you could do to help is give money. I want to urge everyone to donate to the LBC and if you have already given, to consider giving even more. Money is a really clear mark of confidence and care and faith. In many ways we become what we give our money to. It’s how we show that things are important to us. So please give and help convert, by our care, the local demons into protectors of the Dharma. We really need your help and support.

"Thank you in advance,


To donate please click here.

coming soon - news and photos of the recent unveiling by Sangharakshita of the LBC's new painting - a very beautiful triptych of the Buddha, his disciples, and the Bodhisattvas - and hung in pride of place in the LBC's basement...

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