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Monday, February 23, 2009

Money Matters

This week FWBO News publishes three major articles about money by Siddhisambhava.

Although the Buddha certainly had things to say about money, money matters far more now than in the Buddha’s time. It has the potential to do more harm – or good – than ever before. Given the current financial crisis it’s all the more urgent that our understanding about this crucial area of our lives is relevant to what is happening, shows kindness and can help people.

First, published today, is a long and thoughtful article called ‘Understanding money, understanding ourselves, and bringing money into our practice’. Tomorrow there’s an interview with Sangharakshita on his financial life-story. An article on dana economies in the FWBO follows later in the week.

Siddhisambhava works as a fundraiser in the FWBO Development Team. She acts as a consultant to FWBO centres and projects and runs movement-wide fundraising campaigns

Today, in ‘Understanding money, understanding ourselves and bringing money into our practice’, Siddhisambhava encourages us to talk about money more and suggests reasons why we often find that so hard to do. She outlines the Buddha’s approach to money and encourages us become clearer and more confident in that. She also touches on how the economy of the FWBO is changing and how we too may need to change to ensure the survival and growth of the FWBO.

The emphasis of the article though is on our individual relationship with money. It looks at what money is and what it can symbolise for us. What do we truly value? And are we able to fund those things? While the practice for all of us is skilful mental states whatever our circumstances, she emphasises that there is no one way ‘to be’ with money and shares some tips and tools on how we can become more money mature.

We will simply feel better when we are financially wise, assertive and generous, rather than financially stupid, victimised and selfish. Siddhisambhava ends by saying “Each of us has the opportunity in our own lives to steward the flow of money; whatever level comes our way. I hope this article helps you do that. May you fully enjoy all the benefits that brings to yourself and others.”

Click here: to read her article on the Features section of FWBO News.

Siddhisambhava gave a version of this article as a talk at Manchester Buddhist Centre on 16 February which you can (soon) listen to at

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