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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Urban Retreat - shrines from around the world

Lokabandhu, one of the organisers of the FWBO International Urban Retreat, writes to say -

"Hi, just to say the Mosaic of Shrines and Sanghas for the Urban Retreat is now complete and can be downloaded as a high-quality PDF from the Resources page of FWBO News:

"It's printable as an 8-page full-colour poster that should look great on your shrine. If you prefer you can enjoy it on-line at the FWBO Photos site:

"The Mosaic contains over 50 photos of Buddhist shrines from around the world; also many of the FWBO sanghas participating in the retreat. Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos - more are welcome but I can't guarantee they'll be included in this edition of the mosaic!"

The retreat is going well, both online via Facebook and at over 40 FWBO Centres and groups large and small around the world. To quote an email at random, Barbara from Lyon in France writes:

"Please find attached the photo of our small group who attended the 1st day of Urban Retreat near Lyon in the French Region of Rhones Alpes (South east).

"We are a small group of 3 people practising with the FWBO. Many thanks for all your support (and all the project team) to make this happen. People find it very supportive and helpful. And it was for me a great occasion to lead a day retreat for the 1st time!"



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