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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FWBO Dharmaduta Students in India

Dharmaduta means Messenger of the Dharma. As part of the first year of the Dharmaduta Training Course students spent the months of October and November 2006 in India putting their new knowledge and skills into practice. The trip involved a pilgrimage and attending the international Conference of the Network of Buddhist Activists as well as two 'Dhamma Journeys' - the first in Chattisgarh, and the other in Maharastra. On the latter the entourage included a lorry (pictured) decorated with a big Buddha rupa and a huge golden Dharma wheel, which carryed an urn containing Dr Ambedkar’s ashes. For the full story see the Dharmaduta News blog.

The Dharmaduta course is being run by Dharmapala College, an off shoot of the FWBO which seeks to combine Dharma practice with rigorous scholarship.

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