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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wildmind - new Newsletters on Parenting and Healing

Two new Wildmind newsletters have been published recently, with the February 2008 issue on the theme of "Family Practice: Parenting with mindfulness"; and the January 2008 issue on the theme of Healing. Both include some excellent articles, their February one especially complements our January feature article ‘The New Buddhist Parents' by Karmabandhu.

In "Family Practice: Parenting with mindfulness"; Wildmind’s Sunada asks "Is it possible to have children and a spiritual practice at the same time?" Read Mindful Moms, Dharma Dads for her answer. In 'Parenting and Practice' Steve Bell, a Buddhist practitioner with the FWBO, currently a social worker from New York, uses his experience of meditating while parenting two young boys to explore the questions "How do we maintain an active practice while being immersed in the world of parenting and work?” and “Are children a hindrance to spiritual practice? Or can parenting also be a path?".

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