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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thought for the Day with Vishvapani - tomorrow

FWBO News readers are invited to tune in to BBC Radio 4 tomorrow (Weds 1 July) for another instalment of Vishvapani's 'Thought for the Day'.

He will be on at 7.50am, perhaps a couple of minutes earlier, on the very popular Today programme. The talk will be available soon after that on the BBC website:; and if you want more; there'll be another chance on the morning of Fri 17 July.

In addition, all previous contributions are available here.

The Today programme is one of the BBC's most-listened-to programmes, with a daily audience of over 5 million people. His previous contribution, in the wake of the UK's parliamentary expenses scandal, began "Perhaps it's the end of the culture of deference…"

Vishvapani's website is at

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