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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Buddhists engage with climate change: part I

Starting today we've a few posts on environmental issues and how some Buddhists are engaging with them. Susie, a mitra with the FWBO's Buddhafield sangha, writes to say -

"Hi all, I made this vid to advertise our upcoming Energy Union show in Slovakia: it features Petra (comic actress) and Vec (rapper); it's at

"If you happen to have contacts in Slovakia, or the Czech Republic, maybe you could forward this on to them! thanks, x Sooz"

The video is a glimpse of a much bigger project that Susie has been working with, in fact working so hard that she turned down the chance to get ordained this year in order to see the project brought to completion!

This is the Europe-wide ENERGY UNION tour: of themselves they say -

"Environmental damage, climate change, renewable energy, intelligent energy … buzzwords from media and TV. Often heard and easily forgotten about. Our mission: to illuminate, inform and animate; to think and act. Energy Union is a campaign, music tour, party, art and discussion all in one, and it comes together with information, tips & tricks on how to save the planet!

"The Energy Union show is about transmitting the topic of ‘Intelligent Energy’ in an unconventional way, a ground-breaking piece of live cinema. The music is a 'Journeys by DJ' style approach: a montage of contemporary music both familiar and obscure, drawn from many genres, woven together by the acknowledged Grandmasters of the eclectic electric mash-up. The music is also planned to feature an orchestral element, a score performed by a live string section, adding a human dimension to the digital.

"The visuals - a mix of borrowed, contributed footage and custom animation - use the music mix as a foundation to build a narrative in 4 sections:


"The aim is to directly change the consciousness of the audience by an overwhelmingly positive and inspirational new approach to eco-politics using dance music and visual innovation as a way to connect with the youth audience.

More on their website -

The tour starts on July 18th in Munich, Germany, heading from there all over Eastern Europe.

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